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pdf 404.00 Response To Ground Ambulance Requests (1985 downloads) Download (pdf, 21 KB)
pdf 405.00 Ground Ambulance Staffing Levels (930 downloads) Download (pdf, 222 KB)
pdf 406.00 Cancellation Or Reduction Of EMS System Response (1812 downloads) Download (pdf, 83 KB)
pdf 407.00 Transporting Ambulance Equipment and Supply Inventory (2949 downloads) Download (pdf, 165 KB)
pdf 409.00 LALS and ALS First Responder Unit Equipment and Supply Inventory (1523 downloads) Download (pdf, 156 KB)
pdf 412.00 ALS or LALS Emergency Medical Responder Authorization (742 downloads) Download (pdf, 123 KB)
pdf 412.20 ALS Transfer of Patient Care (3680 downloads) Download (pdf, 13 KB)
pdf 418.00 AED SERVICE PROVIDERS (1725 downloads) Download (pdf, 38 KB)
pdf 420.00 Advanced EMT (AEMT) Paramedic Provider Responsibilities (857 downloads) Download (pdf, 103 KB)
pdf 431.00 ALS Ground Ambulance Auth (1881 downloads) Download (pdf, 56 KB)
pdf 435.00 Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) Ground Ambulance Provider Authorization (721 downloads) Download (pdf, 185 KB)
pdf 439.00 Controlled Substances (3373 downloads) Download (pdf, 76 KB)
pdf 441.00 EMS Aircraft Policy Definitions (1727 downloads) Download (pdf, 86 KB)
pdf 442.00 EMS Aircraft Authorization Policy (1623 downloads) Download (pdf, 95 KB)
pdf 444.00 EMS Aircraft On-Line Medical Control (1554 downloads) Download (pdf, 45 KB)
pdf 445.00 EMS Aircraft Request And Cancellation (3212 downloads) Download (pdf, 79 KB)
pdf 446.00 EMS Aircraft Provider Dispatch (1723 downloads) Download (pdf, 74 KB)
pdf 447.00 EMS Aircraft Landing Site Policy (1698 downloads) Download (pdf, 35 KB)
pdf 448.00 EMS Aircraft Patient Destination (1804 downloads) Download (pdf, 76 KB)

Our Mission

"To ensure the appropriate provision of quality pre-hospital care services to the public in a cost effective manner as an integrated part of the overall health care system."

Providing the framework for quality emergency medical services to the citizens of Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa, and Stanislaus Counties.

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